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Last modified - August 2016

The following are currently in stock and available for sale. Prices are not inclusive of shipping. Click on an image to see a larger display and click on the "Spec. Sheet" link for full details. If you wish to see more details please just request additional photos. This page is not always reflective of all stock, sometimes I have used from trade-ins. Please enquire if you are interested.




Spec. Sheet:

"Marilyn", a Double-top/Double-Back Smartmouth Mandolin by Dunwell

WARNING: Banjo Killer!!

This is an A5style in curly maple and Adirondack Spruce with a light burst. A french polished top leaves it very free. Amazing volume and sustain, this one WILL be heard in a bluegrass jam or Celtic session!!

Includes an Ameritage Custom Smartmouth F5 hard case.



Spec. Sheet:

Smartmouth Mandolin by Dunwell

This is a super punchy F5style in quilted maple and Adirondack. A lightly french polished top leaves it very free. Strap not included, just some photo snaps when I was giving it a test run on the back deck.


Spec. Sheet:

Here is a sweet body shape, a slope shoulder Dreadnought in 12-fret and slot head. Going for a bit of an old time look and some very nice quilted mahogany that is from The Tree. Full inlay here too with Green Heart Abalone on the top, sides, and back. This one has a very full voice with incredible tonal balance This may be one of the best I've built.

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Spec. Sheet:

Double-Top OM in Indian Rosewood and Adirondack. Double-top guitars are a high-tech composite sandwich of "skins" of spruce with a core of Nomex (TM). The resultant top is very light weight and has tremendous projection. This particular instrument has the wonderful OM sound while being very even in tonal flavor throughout the fretboard. Includes Calton Deluxe case.


Spec. Sheet:

This is a USED instrument.

Double-Top Serenade in Indian Rosewood back and sides with Engelmann/Adirondack double-top. This box is a canon! Lots of reach and very sweet sounding for fingerstyle and voice accompaniment. It is well balanced and you don't have to pick harder or do anything special in the 5-7 fret range in order to reach the audience. Includes Calton case.

Unfortunately, this sweetie got some top finish damage while on consignment. It had the finish repaired but it isn't perfect. This is a cosmetic only issue. For this reason I'm selling it as a "Used" instrument. If you ever wanted a wonderful Dunwell Serenade at a deep discount, Calton Case included, here is your chance.

$Enquire please

Spec. Sheet:

This is a 0-parlour sized guitar with a deep body in American Black Walnut and Western Red Cedar. This is a great combination as Walnut can sometimes be a bit bright like a very lively Mahogany and the Cedar mellows that a bit.The walnut wood it is very high figure and the overall tone is to die for. A wonderful finger style or accompaniment instrument.

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Spec. Sheet:

Double-Top-Double-Back Minstrel in Adirondack Spruce and American Black Walnut with a sound port. Having a rich voice with great projection this is a do-anything box. The walnut topped with the Adirondack makes for fine note separation. It loves the pick but handles fingerstyle with ease.

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